One Student + One Dog = Three Beautiful Futures


Kids and Canines works with at-risk teens, teaching them how to train assistance dogs. The bond between student and dog help these at-risk youths succeed . . . and then the dogs go on to have productive working lives, providing independence to individuals with disabilities.

  • Kids and Canines provides trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities and children with autism throughout central Florida. The dogs also change the lives of at-risk middle school students, who learn to care for, groom, and train the dogs during the school day.
  • As part of the Hillsborough County School District, we are able to uniquely connect with teachers and school administration, resulting in truly remarkable transformations in our student trainers.
  • After training, our dogs go on to assist individuals with disabilities in performing daily tasks, help children with autism lead fuller, more independent lives and ease stress on parents and family members.  Our dogs also work with professionals in schools, health care facilities and crisis counseling centers.

That’s how, at our school, 1 + 1 = 3. (But don’t tell the math teachers.)


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