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Our Dogs

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Our puppies come to us from both breeders and animal rescue facilities. We meet them when they are 8 weeks old. Breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and Goldendoodles are used because of their good temperament, size and intelligence. The dogs come to our school every day, are groomed and learn commands by our student trainers. At

night, they go home with our volunteer “Puppy Raisers.” When our raisers need time off, the dogs go to “Puppy Sitters.” Puppy Raisers and Puppy Sitters reinforce the training that the dogs receive at school, and also help get the dogs accustomed to public setti



Our training program begins with basic obedience, using positive-reinforcement and treat training, and progresses to more advanced commands used daily by our clients.






By the end of their training, each dog will know more than 60 commands and has been trained to perform tasks specific to their future partner’s needs.


Here are some sample commands:

  • Squish – tells a dog to provide physical comfort to a child with autism
  • Car – lets a dog know it needs to get into a vehicle
  • Side – upon hearing this, a dog will stand on your right side and face forward
  • Hold – a dog will grip an item in its jaw
  • Push – tells a dog to close an open door or cabinet
  • Nose it – lets a dog know a button or switch needs to be pushed


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