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If you are in need of of an assistance dog, here are the following steps you’ll take with Kid and Canines:

  •  Client interview – The Kids and Canines staff talk with you to determine your exact needs.
  • Meet and greet – You will take a trip to the Dorothy Thomas School to meet the dogs, students and staff, and tour the facility.
  • Home visit – We will select which dogs have the best potential as a match  for you.  Those dogs will visit you at your home so the Kids and Canines staff can observe their reaction to the environment.
  • Team training – You will spend 2 weeks at the Kids and Canines facility, being matched with your dog and learning all the aspects of owning an assistance/therapy dog.
  • Graduation – You will participant in a graduation ceremony with our dogs and students, where your new dog’s leash will be officially “passed” to you from the student trainers.

Selected clients spend two weeks of intensive “team training” to learn how to work with their dogs. At the end of the two weeks, a graduation ceremony celebrates everyone’s accomplishments. We make lasting relationships with our clients and provide lifelong support to them. And we love hearing about the successes and joys they encounter with their dog.


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