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Success Stories

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“Whenever Lee’a sees me, she grabs a toy and “talks” to me.  She loves to kiss me.  That makes me happy.”

–  Kevin, a Kids and Canines student.  Kevin now attends what he calls a “regular” school.  Lee’a is pictured on this page in her princess    outfit


“The difference this dog has made for our entire family is astounding.”

–  Marcia, grandmother of Kids and Canines client, Max.  Welcoming Luca into their family meant Max could go shopping and spend time in public with his parents and sister.


One dog can touch the lives of as many as half a dozen student groomers and trainers – even before graduating to working life. Students  learn responsibility, patience and teamwork as they figure out ways to teach necessary skills to their dogs. They develop self-confidence and self-respect as they achieve successes, knowing their work will help people in need. Speaking engagements and “field trips” to acclimate their dogs to public places improve communication skills. Sensitivity, anger management and self-discipline are also strengthened through interactions with dogs, other students and program staff.




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